Sunday, April 10, 2011

Reason for my Absence

Hey bloggers i havent been on for a while now due to many crazy things going on.. first off  my bike was jacked my from my school and ive been out looking for it ever since.. my bike is the picture i put up for the fixies blog it cost me $350 dollars that i have worked for real hard. i didnt even get anything for christmas except money that i spent all on my bike. it pisses me off how somebody could do that and whats even more crazier 1 week before my bike was stolen i helped find my friends bike that was stolen around my school.. so im hoping if karma is real i hope to find my bike again for somebody find it. most of time i know that the person who stole it probaly sold the parts already and i need transportation as im already about to graduate from High School and attend a community college so if any of you would to like to donate any amount it would really help me out as im doing all i can to get money little by little to buy a new bike. my paypal is i have 0 dollars in my account and i hope that i will soon have enough to buy another bike--- thanks for your time!

1 comment:

  1. That's the way the world is man, some people work hard for what they want whereas others (dickheads)steal from those that have.

    I hope you get it back in one piece, Bro.